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    Casino Royale Crane Jump Voted Best 007 Stunt

    James Bond 2

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    Casino Royale Crane Jump Voted Best 007 Stunt Empty Casino Royale Crane Jump Voted Best 007 Stunt

    Post by James Bond 2 on Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:14 pm


    The stunning crane jump from Casino Royale - Daniel Craig's first outing as 007 - has been voted the best ever James Bond stunt in a survey of over 1,400 RadioTimes.com users.

    It was closely followed by the daring scene from 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me, in which Bond skis off a cliff edge to almost certain doom, only to open a Union Jack parachute in mid air.

    The full results of the survey are as follow:

    1. Jumping from crane to crane - Casino Royale
    2. Ski chase and parachute jump - The Spy Who Loved Me
    3. The car barrel roll - The Man with the Golden Gun
    4. Speedboat leap - Live and Let Die
    5. Thames Speedboat chase - The World is Not Enough
    6. Aston Martin ejector seat - Goldfinger
    7. Dive off the Verzasca Dam - GoldenEye
    8. Ski chase - On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    9. Jumping over crocodiles - Live and Let Die
    10. Motorbike jump over a helicopter - Tomorrow Never Dies
    11. Aston Martin crash and roll - Casino Royale
    12. Jumping from a plane without a parachute - Moonraker
    13. Parachute jump from the Eiffel Tower - A View to a Kill
    14. Remote-control driving the BMW - Tomorrow Never Dies
    15. The jet-pack escape - Thunderball
    16. Little Nellie gyrocopter sequence - You Only Live Twice
    17. Micro jet flown through the aircraft hanger - Octopussy
    18. Car on two wheels - Diamonds are Forever
    19. Lorry chase - Licence to Kill
    20. Barefoot water-skiing - Licence to Kill

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