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    Why or Why Not? ::: 'Royale' Better Than 'Quantum'



    'Royale' or 'Quantum'

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    James Bond 2

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    Why or Why Not? ::: 'Royale' Better Than 'Quantum'

    Post by James Bond 2 on Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:15 pm

    CR vs QOS

    The PTS
    Much better in CR, one of the best PTS in the series

    The Titles
    CR had better titles and a much better song

    The Action
    I don't actually mind CR's action scenes. As for QOS's action there was a little too much and it was badly edited

    The Score
    Both fantastic

    The Girls
    I like Camille better than Vesper, she was more attractive and one of the most interesting Bond girls in a while.

    The Villains
    Mr. White was more mysterious in CR than in QOS. Le Chiffre is much better than Dominic Green. The henchmen were equally pointless in both.

    The Allies
    Mathis was good in CR, but more interesting in QOS.

    The Staff
    M was a pointless character in CR, I hated the fact that Bond was able to break into her house.

    The Plot
    CR had an advantage: it had a novel to be basd on. Nevertheless, the screenwriters screwed up.

    QOS wins!

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