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    If You Love Rating Stuff...

    James Bond 2

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    If You Love Rating Stuff... Empty If You Love Rating Stuff...

    Post by James Bond 2 on Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:55 pm

    01. Renard OR Graves

    02. Dr Christmas Jones: Worst Bond Girl Yes or No

    03. Jaws OR Zao

    04. Hugo Drax OR Aris Kristatos

    05. Auric Goldfinger OR Blofeld (All 3)

    06. DAF OR LALD

    07. Bernard Lee OR Judi Dench

    08. FRWL OR GF


    10. GE OR DAD

    11. Aston Martin DB5 OR Aston Martin Vanquish

    12. Taxi Chase (AVTAK) OR Tanker Chase (LTK)

    13. Aston Martin V8 Chase (TLD) OR Tank Chase (GE)

    14. Live And Let Die OR Licence To Kill

    15. Baron Samedi OR Francisco Scaramanga

    16. Mary Goodnight OR Wai Lin

    17. Quarrel OR Jack Wade

    18. FYEO OR TLD

    Always loved Bond, always will love Bond

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